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Are you tired of being pitched the next 'thing' for your business?  Exhausted of 'leadership courses' that over promise and under deliver?  Have you recently spent thousands of dollars for the latest 'guru's' class and not received the value they pitched you?

You are not alone.  In fact, we personally have attended fire walks, been to sales execution workshops led by billionaires, spent $40,000 on programs that promise to 10x your business, and invited guru's to come in and speak in our organizations.

If you are looking for a seminar, executive coach, you won't find it here.  You will notice there is only one product for sale on our site.  It's a single book.

In fact, that book is makes a HUGE claim.  Here is the claim this book makes.  In just 17 days for ONLY $17 your sales will be transformed if you follow the step by step process.  It's also backed by a money back guarantee.  If you apply the principles and they do not work, we will send you are money back no questions asked.  Heard enough: ORDER NOW

You ask, "So what's the catch?"

No catch and let me explain why.  Carl Bromer is 76 years old and done a lot in his career.  Flown F4 Fighter jets, worked in the Apollo Lunar Program and grew businesses beyond his wildest dreams.  He's a professor at a small University in Ohio called Cedarville.  He just wants to see people succeed.  Jordan Winar, the other author of the book, run the sales division for an organization in Texas (  In fact, just last year was ranked the largest outdoor renovation company in the United States by Pool and Spa News sitting at over $52m in revenue annually.  He has over 40 reps and he wants to see very sales rep in the United States get the training that they need to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.   

Between the two of them they have over 60 years of experience, billions of dollars in sales and for just $17 they are sharing their experience with you so you can transform in just 17 days.  That's it.... not strings attached.

Seller to Stellar is a fictional business book to help sales professionals reach their potential.   Most Sales people are not trained and their performance shows so they jump from job to job hoping for different results because of a change of scenery.  Carl and Jordan believe sales does not have to be that way!


In the book you will meet two main characters.  Joe who is an average salesman and Brad is an older  businessman who ends up as Joe's mentor through out the book.

Meet (Average) Joe:

On the outside, he seems to have it all together, but on the inside, he’s  filled with confusion and turmoil. He doesn’t have a clue what his next  step in life should be. He likes the sales profession but wants to be better at it. In fact, he’s felt this way most of his career. His results are mediocre  at best. He feels like quitting. 

Meet Brad:

Over the last forty years, Brad and his company have developed, polished, and proven a remarkably effective and common-sense blueprint for sales professionals.

Brad's people have achieved outstanding success using this blueprint to each develop their own custom Playbook.

This is your opportunity you have been waiting for.....

If a mentor, coach, or guide with decades of successful sales experience  knocked on your door, would you listen to what they had to say for just $17?  


Why trust the authors with your success?

Carl Bromer: Apollo Lunar Program Technician, Electrical Engineer, USAF, F4-Phantom Fighter Pilot, Award winning sales and manufacturing executive for Texas Instruments, Hamilton Avnet Electronics, Eskco, and Leadership Management Inc., Cedarville University Adjunct, married 46 years, four sons and lives outside of Dayton, Ohio.

Jordan Winar: Chief Growth Officer known for doubling sales annually in multiple industries; Hi-tech, medical device, home improvement and most recently taking a sales organization from $25m in annual sales to $52m in less than 12 months.  He is a Cedarville University Graduate (where he met Carl 20 years ago), endurance sport junkie, married, three children and lives outside of Austin, Texas.


Jay Schindler

“Embracing the Stellar process helped to set me on a trajectory of meaningful career successes. I grew into higher levels of leadership and was privileged to occupy and experience the CEOs office years later. If you have the desire to succeed in your career, grow as a leader, and tap into your real purpose in life, I urge you to read (and execute) the principles and techniques in Carl’s and Jordan’s book.”

Steven Compton, JD

“I practiced law as in-house counsel for twenty years and had my own private practice for ten. I use the principles in this book daily in performing my work as an attorney. The concepts are easy to understand and incorporate into your personal and professional life. I worked with Carl before my journey to law school almost forty years ago, and saw Carl apply the principles of this book to revolutionize our sales force."

Brian Zimmerman, MD

“About ten years ago, the company I co-founded (Physician Technology Partners) was dying on the vine. We needed training to jump start our sales efforts. A friend connected me with Stellar Sales Training. Within just a few months, our sales began to grow almost exponentially. The principles and techniques taught in this engaging story are real-world things you can do — I have personally experienced it and have seen the results."

We guarantee that if you follow the steps outlined in this book and DON'T become a top performer we will provide you with a FULL refund.

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