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Cracking the Rubik's Cube Sales Code

I could hear the doubt in their voice when they asked me, “Can this book, Seller to Stellar, really make me a top performer in just 17 days?”

It’s a fair question…

Hey! It either works… or it doesn’t.

Your hesitation is likely rooted in trying other programs with minimal results.

It reminded me of the “Rubik’s cube.”

It’s estimated that 350 million cubes that have been sold since it’s invention in 1974, and only 5.8% of the those who purchased one ever solved it.

In fact, you probably at some point owned one… fiddled with it a bit… got a few colors to line up and then… gave up.

Did you give up because it was too hard to solve?

Seriously, only 5.8% of people ever solve it, and they solve it easily and frequently to the amazement of friends and family. Some of these ‘solvers’ are only three years old!

So, why can’t you solve it?

Did you know it can be solved in 20 steps or less?

That’s actually a fairly well-kept secret. So if it takes 20 steps or less, and a three-year-old can solve it, why can’t you?

The answer is simple… You never learned the 20 steps!!!

Not everyone tried to solve a Rubik’s cube. That’s ok!

Not everyone is in sales either!

And those who are in sales are probably not looking for a playbook to solve the ‘sales Rubik’s cube’.

But if you are in sales… and if you are trying to solve the proverbial ‘sales Rubik’s cube’… I’m here to say, Seller to Stellar, has the steps… but there are only 17.

You will not only solve the ‘sales Rubik’s cube’ and make a lot of money… you will also learn how to lead others to do the same.

You see, once you learn the 17 steps—and commit them to memory—solving the cube becomes fun and impressive. And! It’s repeatable.

It’s an exciting, predictable, and profitable pattern.

You’ll look like the hero at the office and everyone will think you are the consummate pro when all you are really doing is implementing Step 1 through Step 17.

So maybe you needed this reminder to pick up Seller to Stellar, and dig back in or maybe you needed this reminder to grab a copy.

The choice is yours.

You can fiddle with the ‘sales Rubik’s cube’ or you can solve it.

It will take work… but it will be worth it.

Take it from a guy who learned the steps.

Life is a game that’s lot more fun when you win… and that happens when you know the steps to solve the puzzle.

Enough talking… Get to work!,

Jordan, (Co-Author; Seller to Stellar)

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