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The Power of People: Why Focusing on WHO Can Make All the Difference

As you stand on the precipice of a new year, you might have noticed the familiar buzz in the air—the resolution season is upon us. Brace yourselves for the deluge of gym membership ads from fitness giants like Gold's, Planet Fitness, Lifetime, Esporta, and our beloved local spots, all chanting the mantra: "New Year, New You."

Here's the sad truth. A whopping 80% of resolutions fizzle out… wasted time… wasted energy… and disappointment. But what if you flipped the script and approached resolutions from a different angle?

🤔 Shift the Focus: It's not just HOW you do it… It's also WHO you partner with to get it done – Consider these super-achieving partnerships: Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen… Kobe and Shaq… Joe Montana and Jerry Rice… C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien…  and, of course, the duo from the diner in SELLER TO STELLAR: Joe and Brad. These dynamic duos didn't achieve greatness by only fixating on the HOW of their goals but also by embracing the power of the WHO!

👥 The Magic of the Right Partnership – Think about your resolutions not as a solo journey but as a collaboration. Who are your teammates, your co-conspirators, your dream-weavers? Surrounding yourself with the right 'who' can make all the difference.

🚀 Build Your Dream Team – Imagine tackling your goals with a support system as formidable as Jordan and Pippen. Picture yourself conquering new heights with a partner-in-crime like Kobe and Shaq. This year, you must focus on assembling your own dream team—the people who inspire, challenge, and elevate you.

🎉 An Invitation to Rethink Resolutions – So, here's to a revolutionary approach to resolutions. Instead of fixating on 'how,' let's invest in 'who.' Who will be your cheerleaders, your mentors, your partners in success?

🌈 Unleash the Potential Within – As you navigate the Sea of Resolutions, also known as the Sea of False Starts, redefine your success not just by personal achievements but by the bonds you forge and the teams you build. One single relationship will change the course of your life.

Be on the lookout for your Brad over the next two weeks.  He might be sitting closer than you think!

PS: There’s a chapter in SELLER TO STELLAR that will blow your socks off… It’s titled Day 3. … You must read it before tackling your 2024 ‘resolutions’ … It will change your thinking, save time by reducing false starts, and ultimately… change your life!

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