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Mary had a little.....

This simple nursery rhyme will will help you sell like crazy.....

How did you finish the subject line of, "Mary had a little.....?"

You are probably asking yourself, "what does this have to do with selling?"

Listen carefully!

When you're selling, you sometimes run into fairly predictable roadblocks or objections. People have fears that they might not make good decisions. Sometimes customers decide that they would rather deal with a competitor. Sometimes they decide not to deal with anyone. Sometimes they just don't like you.

An objection is any reason that a prospect gives for not going forward. In an ideal world, there would be no objections. However, they do happen and the only way to really avoid them is to totally avoid other people!

You can't avoid objections....but you can be prepared for them if you have what I call a "lamb" read for each one that comes up.

In other words, if you can respond to an objection as quickly, confidently, and appropriately with the best possible response every time, like your response to, "Mary had a little...." then you WILL sell more.


Lamb: The most appropriate (best) response to any specific thing another person can say or do.

If you have a good response (a lamb) for everything a prospect can say or do, you will have more confidence and will likely achieve better results.

So why don't you currently have a lamb for everything a prospect can say?

Your first thought might be, "There must be MILLIONS of different objections. How can I possibly have a lamb for each one?"

Having a lamb for each objections (if there really were millions) would not be practical. However, there are really very few objections; they are predictable and prospects are not inventing new ones! This means it becomes possible to develop good lambs for each.

Take the time to write down all of your objections and think through how can respond to them most appropriately and when you have them automatic like, "Mary had a little...." your life will never be the same.

Now, lets get to work!

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